Current Research

Biological Control

  • Identification of New Insect Biocontrol Agents for the Management of Introduced Aquatic Plants  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Nathan Harms and Matthew Purcell (USDA-ARS/CSIRO, Brisbane Australia)
  • Identification of New Pathogen Biocontrol Agents for the Management of Introduced Aquatic Plants  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Judy Shearer
  • Applied Aspects Using Insect Biocontrol Agents  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Nathan Harms
  • Applied Use of Plant Pathogens as Biocontrol Agents  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Judy Shearer
  • Applied Research Topics on the Biological Control of Salvinia molesta and S. minima  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Julie Nachtrieb

Chemical Control

  • Chemical Control of Flowering Rush  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Kurt Getsinger and John Madsen (USDA-ARS)
  • Linking Plant Biology with Management Strategies to Improve the Control of Monoecious Hydrilla  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Mike Netherland
  • Biology and Management of Crested Floating Heart  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Mike Netherland
  • Evaluating Grass Specific Herbicides to Enhance Aquatic Restoration Projects  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Mike Netherland
  • Comparing Generic Aquatic Herbicides with Proprietary Counterparts  (Fact Sheet)
        PI: Chris Mudge
  • Biology and Management of Invasive Ludwigia spp. in California and Florida  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Mike Netherland and Brenda Grewell (USDA-ARS)

Ecological Studies/Assessment

  • Seasonal Ecology of Wetland Natural Enemy Plant Interactions  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Nathan Harms, James Cronin (Louisiana State University), and Judy Shearer
  • Improved Understanding of Invasion Ecology and Genetics to Inform Management Strategies for Hybrid Watermilfoils  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Mike Netherland and Ping Gong
  • Water Chestnut Ecology and Genetics  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Lynde Dodd, Nancy Rybicki (USGS), and Nathan Harms

Management Strategies and Applications

  • Development of a Prototype ResistanceAlert, a Computational Biology-based Early Warning System of Herbice Resistance for Invasive Aquatic Plant Management  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Ping Gong and Mike Netherland
  • Improved Economic Assessment of Benefits Associated with Invasive Plant Management  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Nathan Harms and Lisa Wainger (University of Maryland)

Harmful Algae

  • Physicochemical Treatment of Cynobacteria and Microcystins by Way of Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Advanced Oxidation  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Afrachanna Butler, Catherine Thomas, Chris Griggs, and Victor Medina
  • Reducing Eutrophication and the Prevalence of Harmful Algal Blooms  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Carina Jung, Jed Eberly, and Heather Smith
  • Strategies for Early Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms and Predicting Toxin Release: Linking Hyperspectral Imaging to Molecular Techniques  (Fact Sheet)
        PIs: Jed Eberly, Molly Reif, Scott Bourne, and Tony Friona